Your objective: Move from idea to demo to investment

Our mission: Help you achieve these key milestones quickly and & effectively

Rapid prototyping

Technology, UX, Infra: Readily available with silicon valley execution capability

Every thing cutting-edge

Pre-existing platforms that allow you to feature the best that technology has to offer

Right Advice

Get the best advice from industry leaders on technology, execution and raising investments

Our vision?
Partner with an entrepreneur & accelerate the path to business outcome using the technology and innovation lever

about us

We are a startup focused innovation & technology incubation setup

who we are

Most entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs face the same challenge. How to give life to their idea and enough so, to make a business out of it. And to do so, you need to typically follow these steps.

  • Build the idea into a meaningful concept. For all practical purpose, we are assuming you are already there or meaningfully in the process!
  • Build a proof of concept and demonstrate to potential investors or partners that what you are saying is really possible and practical and
  • Launch a lean minimum viable product that you can build the rest of the journey around. Raising serious venture money or steering it further yourself

Boradly speaking it is this three step journey that we have designed this setup around. So, you have been talking about your ideally to a few folks. And they like it but would like to see it in action before they can support or meaningfully engage with you. And you have limited funds to execute this step.

That's the first thing we could talk about. How can we work together to bring out some thing very compelling that allows you to get to the next stage. And how do we engage? First, We prefer to link our success to yours via participation in equity and second, bring in our technology infrastructure and know how to execute what needs to be executed at a much lower cost for you.

What do we offer?

equity linked, low cost bootstrapping model
Support in terms of technology infrastructure
Product design, roadmap and launch support
Advice from global leaders in technology and business

Benefits that you could expect

Get going now!

An insane amount of time is lost, thinking and figuring out how to start. We can get you started and started well

Save time and money!

We bring in the efficiency of shared infra and execution capability. Save tens of thousands of dollars in infra or tech talent

Re-imagine your idea!

Leverage our experts to interpret and re-interpret the problem and opportunity and help us help you understand your idea even better!

Do it right!

Lots of ideas vying for customers and investors. You need to stand out & get it right. Not just functionality but user experience!


We are built around the three pillars of "Innovation", "Technology" and "User engagement". And we believe real value is best created at the intersection of these three!

Take advantage of our deep expertize and shared technology platforms in

Mobile computing

Why restrict to web. Reach out via mobile, tablets and emerging computing form factors

Social networking

Build integration with popular social networks deep into your applications

Web 2.0

Make sure your solution leverages the latest and greatest that web 2.0 has to offer


Leverage the ability to analyze real time data into the products that you are building

Cloud computing

No more dedicated infra. Design your solution to be cloud ready from day one

User experience

First step to success is excellent user experience design. Get it right!

Digital marketing

You are competing with millions. Your users will not find you. You will have to get in front!


Don't miss an opportunity. Sell via web, mobile, facebook or any relevant channel.

Big data processing

Convert crunching of ultra high scale data into a big business opportunity

"I am in an early stage and not yet ready to engage"

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